Deploy to your IT department

Your workspaceDeploy to your IT department

Provide workspaces to IT staff and workers

Ensure consistent updates from technical specialists to IT support and end users through experience-based IT communication formats and tools.

As you take a license with a higher capacity, the cost per account decreases. This is because in practice you will always want to keep some free capacity. This keeps your IT department flexible in providing accounts / workspaces.

If you only need a 1-user account (not a company-wide license), the investment is €125 / month.

Select your license
Select your license:
* Admin free of charge

Buy Team License: 1 + 5 accounts ➞

Total amount: €425 / month (excluding VAT)

Buy Corporate License: 1 + 15 accounts ➞

Total amount: €975 / month (excluding VAT)

Buy Corporate License Plus: 1 + 30 accounts ➞

Total amount: €1650 / month (excluding VAT)

Buy Corporate License Silver: 1 + 60 accounts ➞

Total amount: €2700 / month (excluding VAT)

Buy Corporate License Gold: 1 + 120 accounts ➞

Total amount: €4200 / month (excluding VAT)

Buy Corporate License Platinum: 1 + 250 accounts ➞

Total amount: €6250 / month (excluding VAT)

How to provide accounts / workspaces:

After signing up for a license

  1. Go to the ‘Subscriptions tab’ in your account.
  2. Click on the little symbol with 3 vertical dots to the right of your subscription. Then click on ‘Sub Accounts‘.
  3. Assign accounts manually or share the signup URL.

Extended info:
Grant access by assigning sub accounts ➞