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Any issue or incident that keeps the IT infrastructure and operations from working properly. From performance issues to network failures. Notice the impact on end users, the cause, steps already taken, workarounds and updates.

Security alert

Responding to and communicating about security incidents is important. It helps ensure that the right steps are taken quickly, that the appropriate people are informed and what they can do to help.

Post-mortem report

After a significant disruption or a security incident, it can be beneficial to communicate a summary of the incident, its impact, how it was resolved, and the steps being taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Problem management

Prolonged incident, problem or disaster? Outline the steps to be taken in the event of a major IT incident, problem or disaster, such as a data breach or a critical application that does not work as it should for a long time.

Change management

Any changes to systems, software or hardware. Make sure to keep users informed about what to expect when, and what a certain change means for them. Also notify if a change has been successfully implemented or reversed.

Maintenance notification

In case of planned maintenance, inform users about the duration and, if there is an outage, the extent of the outage, if there is a temporary workaround available, and any steps users need to take.

Project management

It is important to inform end users of a new or ongoing IT project. Introduce what is being worked on in the company’s IT landscape and what to expect in the near future. Provide regular status updates on an ongoing project.

System/service introduction

In case of a complete new IT system or service, it is useful to provide end users a brief overview of key features, a reference to additional resources, and to encourage support for the learning phase.

Feedback request

As an IT team, it is important to listen carefully to the users of your service. Are you still on the same page and what can you do to improve the service? Ask your end users!

Announcement (other)

This is a blank template that you can use to quickly and easily set up communication messages of any kind or size. You enter the title, subheads and paragraphs yourself.